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We have two kinds of bread in our offer at Eska. Each of them is made of three-stage sourdough. We bake our breads in an Italian oven using a beech wood fire, so that they are well baked and have a crispy crust. We use only organic bread flour. The breads are left to rest for at least 14 hours. 

Bread 33

The number 33 equals the proportion of rye flour, the rest is comprised of wheat. This classic Czech bread has a golden, glossy and crunchy crust. It is great for toasts or just with a spread. Ingredients: 60 % local organic plain bread wheat flour, 33 % local organic bread rye flour, 7 % boiled potatoes, Czech roasted cumin, salt. The loaf is about 780 g and costs 85 CZK.

Bread 66

This flour-dusted bread, made with 66 % rye flour, has a crispy crust with open cuts. It has a dense texture with small holes in the crumb and tastes and smells of cumin. At Eska we use it for making sandwiches with spreads, but it is also suitable for thickening sauces as well as for making bread soup. Ingredients: 33 % local organic first-grade rye flour, 33 % local organic bread rye flour, 33 % local organic plain bread wheat flour, Czech roasted cumin, salt. The loaf weighs about 780 g and costs 88 CZK.

Apart from breads, we also offer pastries, soup, premium coffee, and various delicacies to take home. Just choose whatever you like! 


Our confectioners bake fresh cakes, sponge cakes and tarts using seasonal ingredients, and our bakers prepare fresh sweet rolls.


In our coffee grinders, we have premium coffee from Czech coffee-roasting plant Nordbeans, and trained baristas behind the coffee machine.

Soup of the day

Every day, you can have a different soup either in our restaurant, on the ground floor in our bakery, or you can take it with you to the office.

Complementary products

Apart from delicacies from the farmers, we sell our own products as well. Do you like our fermented lemonade? Make it at home with our Tibi crystals. Our offer includes also sandwiches, spreads, cold drip, or Cascara lemonade.

Pernerova 49
186 00 Prague 8 - Karlín
+420 731 140 884 

Non-smoking restaurant


We accept:
Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass, Chèque Déjeuner

We apologize, but dogs are not allowed in.

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