today: monday december 9th Daily menu tomorrow: tuesday december 10th
Roast beef with tomato sauce, elbow macaroni149 CZK
Homemade meatloaf with creamy sauce, bread dumplings139 CZK
Goulash with sausages, bread135 CZK
Baked beef with sauce and eggs, steamed rice139 CZK
Quarter of roast chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes and celery179 CZK
Garlic soup45 CZK
Chicken breast schnitzel fried in butter, buttered potatoes, baked beetroot195 CZK
Beef braised in garlic with spinach, potato dumplings139 CZK
Pork braised with carrots, mashed potatoes with onion135 CZK
Fried minced pork and beef schnitzel, potato puree139 CZK
Cooked smoked side of pork with pea purée135 CZK
Mini buns covered with vanilla cream135 CZK
Cabbage soup45 CZK
Roast beef with pickles, steamed rice, soup135 CZK
Beef shin goulash, bread dumplings, soup135 CZK
Pork braised with carrots, mashed potatoes with onion, soup125 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham129 CZK
Fried cauliflower with our tartar sauce, buttered potatoes139 CZK
Pork cutlet schnitzel fried in butter, potato puree, carrot salad179 CZK
Beef shin goulash, bread dumplings135 CZK
Beef braised in garlic with spinach, potato dumplings139 CZK
Pork braised in paprika, elbow macaroni129 CZK
Meatloaf, potato puree129 CZK
Boiled pork soup with peeled barley39 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with dill sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings, soup129 CZK
Roast pork neck with braised cabbage, 100 g, potato dumplings, soup129 CZK
Pork braised in paprika, 100 g, elbow macaroni, soup119 CZK
Baked mushroom pasta with pickles, 300 g125 CZK
Wine sausage, 150 g, buttered potatoes119 CZK
Semolina soup with egg39 CZK
Savoy cabbage soup with croutons45 CZK
6 weeks ripened fried cheese with our tartare sauce175 CZK
Pork neck steak with fried onion and onion gravy, buttered potatoes, soup245 CZK
Baked beef with sauce and eggs, steamed rice, soup135 CZK
Juicy pieces of pork “moravský vrabec” with sauerkraut, potato dumplings, soup129 CZK
Chicken schnitzel fried in butter, potato puree, soup149 CZK
Sour lentils with sausage129 CZK
Sour lentils with fried egg125 CZK
Minestrone with truffle oil (0,2 l)75 CZK
Pizza margherita classica158 CZK
Spaghetti aglio olio rucola158 CZK
Carrot soup68 CZK
Rigatoni with peas, cream and lime148 CZK
Tagliatelle with chiodini mushrooms, italian pancetta, garlic and cream168 CZK
Grilled pork roasted with porcini sauce, broccoli and buttered potatoes225 CZK
Wine sausage,198 CZK
Pea soup with croutons and pastrami75 CZK
Grilled salmon with roasted cauliflower, grenaille and beurre blanc245 CZK
Lasagne with chicken215 CZK
Potato soup, fennel95 CZK
Spelt, wild garlic, cheese265 CZK
Cream puff, sourdough caramel165 CZK
tomorrow: tuesday december 10th Daily menu today: monday december 9th
Baked beef with sauce and eggs, bread dumplings139 CZK
Baked chicken leg stuffed with bacon, potato puree139 CZK
Hog-killing cabbage, bread139 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with dill sauce, Carlsbad dumplings139 CZK
Juicy pieces of pork “moravský vrabec” with spinach, bacon dumplings129 CZK
Chicken broth with shaved flour noodles49 CZK
Braised beef cooked in a cream sauce with cranberry jam, bread dumplings, soup139 CZK
Country-style roast pork leg with braised cabbage, potato dumplings, soup135 CZK
Beer-braised pork cheeks, potato puree, soup139 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, potato puree135 CZK
Buckwheat groats with mushrooms and eggs115 CZK
Chicken breast schnitzel fried in butter, potato puree, baked beetroot179 CZK
Frankfurt-style roast beef, steamed rice129 CZK
Juicy pieces of pork “moravský vrabec” with sauerkraut, potato dumplings135 CZK
Grilled minced meat rolls, buttered potatoes129 CZK
Baked beef roll stuffed with bacon, 100 g, potato dumplings, soup139 CZK
Cooked smoked side of pork with pea purée, 100 g, soup129 CZK
Beef tokan, 100 g, steamed rice, soup129 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, 120 g, potato puree125 CZK
Chicken broth with shaved flour noodles45 CZK
Potato soup with mushrooms45 CZK
Roast beef with tomato sauce, bread dumplings, soup135 CZK
Pork livers with onion sauce, steamed rice, soup125 CZK
Beef tokan, mashed potatoes with onion, soup135 CZK
Pork risotto with cheese and pickled cucumber125 CZK
Potato pancake fried in butter with sauerkraut125 CZK
Savoy cabbage patties119 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with dill sauce, bread dumplings135 CZK
Spicy meat strips with vegetables, steamed rice139 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, potato puree135 CZK
Beef shin goulash, bread dumplings135 CZK
Spinach soup with Prague ham (0,2 l)75 CZK
Pizza bianca158 CZK
Penne il pomodoro158 CZK
Onion soup with Italian bacon68 CZK
Gnocchi with aubergine, anchovies, chilli peppers and tomatoes148 CZK
Rigatoni with Italian sausage, tomatoes and parmesan168 CZK
Grilled chicken breast with spinach and roasted poatatoes225 CZK
Pork with cumin,198 CZK
Potato soup with smoked mushrooms75 CZK
Risotto Milanese, tempura battered codfish, gremolata245 CZK
Tagliatelle with salsiccia ragout198 CZK
A pulsating atmosphere
with current Czech cuisine.
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David Marek

General Manager

He is happy when there is something happening and the restaurant is bursting at the seams. This is something he knows from Brasileiro, where he worked for ten years. He does not sit for a moment; boredom is worse than stress for him. The thing he likes about Eska is that is varied and always changing. His favorite things on the menu are “smaženka“ and gin and tonic. His ideal ratio is two parts gin and tonic : one part “smaženka”.

Martin Štangl

Chef Patron

He has worked at Eska since the very beginning and he has been able to draw on his experience gained as a sous-chef at La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise. He loves cooking with wild herbs, unusual ingredients and according to the forgotten recipes of our grandmothers. He is so attracted by nature that he sold his flat in Prague and bought a farmstead in Sázava which he is reconstructing as a guesthouse.

Tomáš Valkovič

Chef de cuisine

Tomáš has been at Eska since its opening and it was not long before he became a Deputy Chef. He likes the fact that he has a free hand and that he can have fun in the kitchen. He previously lived in Bratislava and in Banská Bystrica, where he and his friends managed to transform an old pancake restaurant into a renowned bistro. He spends his free time with his children and cooking – he prefers Czechoslovak cuisine.

Katka Jakusová

Sous Chef

From a canvas to a stove – that’s Katka’s journey to the kitchen in a nutshell. Originally, she wanted to study painting. However, while living in Berlin, Katka started working in gastronomy and established her own catering company. When she saw it was time for a change, she headed straight to Eska. She gained experience also in Noma in Denmark, where she spent some time as a kitchen staff member. She likes to cook with ingredients that most people don’t commonly use. When she is feeling sad, she gets herself a proper portion of french fries with tartar sauce.

Jirka Horák

Sous Chef

He came to Ambiente as a teenager right after finishing high school. He worked in the kitchens of Pizza Nuova, Čestr, and La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise. After three years of preparing fine dining dishes, it was time for a change, so Jirka set out to England, where he was cooking in a village pub. Right after his return to Czechia, he started working at Ambiente and was giving a helping hand at Grils after its opening. After spending one year at a grill, he decided to accept another challenge – to take up a position of a sous chef at Eska. He is standing at the stove even in his free time, because he likes organising pop-up events.

Ondřej Němec

Sous Chef

He came to Prague from Moravia, but before that time, he was staying in the Alps in Italy. There he fell in love with the Northern Italian cuisine the dishes of which he likes to cook since then. Apart from pasta, he is a big fan of Czech cuisine. In his workplace, he couldn’t do without his colleagues with whom he became an inseparable team from the beginning of his career when he was working at Eska as a grill master. In his free time, he likes to build models of military vehicles.

Jaroslav Kozdělka

Head Baker

He worked in Berlin, Beirut and Ireland – and twice was promoted to Sous Chef. He likes challenges and though he worked for 17 years in the kitchen, he then accepted an offer to become Head Baker. Instead of inventing new meals, he enjoys the daily adrenaline rush of bread & live yeast – sometimes it is literally a fight with life! Jarda thinks that Bread 33, naked and uncovered is the only way to eat!

Jiří Matějka

Pastry chef

He used to bake cakes for his family guests already when he was a boy. He loves to reinvent classic Czech recipes and would often take a “punk” attitude while doing so – of course, within the boundaries of the pastry craft. At Eska, he appreciates the importance of using seasonal ingredients and having freedom in his job. He studies arts & crafts and art is also one of his hobbies – he likes taking photos and visiting art galleries.

Tomáš Brázda

Head Sommelier

Although Tomáš trained as a chef, he has lived in wine since school. He started in Čestr as a waiter - from the beginning always looking at what was in the sommelier's hands - and left as a complete wine connoisseur. After a yearlong break in a wine bar outside Ambiente, he joined Eska because he wanted to work primarily with Czech wines. He truly cares about educating his team and his guests, so don't be afraid to ask Tomáš for advice. In his free time, he relaxes with golf - to the amusement of his colleagues.

Matěj Pína

Head Barista

Today he is immersed in coffee culture, but eight years ago he began waiting tables at Lokále Dlouhááá, gradually working up to bartender. In Eska he learned quickly under the leadership of then-head barista Ondra Štokl. He would do anything for his team and is glad that he can rely on all of them. Matěj is married and has a daughter named Žofie, and holds a degree in landscape architecture. He spends his free time with his family and playing in the punk band Kung-Fu Girlz.

Rudolf Herman

Staff Manager

He has always been interested in food and wine – which is not surprising when you learn that he is from South Moravia. He acquired his experience in restaurants there, but his heart drew him to Prague. He fitted in at Eska right away. He has tried various positions and, as he says, he looks forward to coming to work every day. His greatest joy is a full reservation book and constant chatter. He loves strategy games, wine and sport – in winter, he graces the slopes as a snowboarding instructor.

Denisa Randusová

Shift Manager

Denisa has been working in the field of gastronomy for more than ten years already. She joined the Eska team as a waitress right after the restaurant opening. Two years later, she was appointed a shift manager. Cooperation between the individual teams in the restaurant is what she appreciates the most. Baristas, chefs, waiting staff, bakers - they all pull together. She is happy to meet her favourite regulars and already knows what some of them like. She likes to eat Asian food and spicy meals.

Adéla Hacklová

Shift Manager

Work in the field of gastronomy has a tradition in her family, so Adéla was attracted to the work in a restaurant since she was little. She studied anthropology, but always enjoyed working as a waitress more. She has experience working as waiting staff in England and France. After she returned, she worked at Café Savoy from where she moved to Eska as a head waitress. After some time, she became a manager who is responsible for the restaurant operation from a technical standpoint. She likes to go out and seek inspiration in other restaurants and enjoys eating meat and burgers the best.

Simona Hricaková

Shift Manager

Simona comes from the Low Tatras, where she spent her childhood in a mountain hotel. Her father worked in gastronomy, and so she chose to attend a high school of hotel services. Right after she had finished it, she joined the wait staff at Pastacaffé. She now uses her rewarding experience as a manager at Eska – she always tries to please the guests no matter what and she very much appreciates that Eska gives her countless possibilities in this respect. She loves sports, she has tried almost everything, but likes swimming and beach volleyball most of all.

Pernerova 49
186 00 Prague 8 - Karlín
+420 731 140 884 

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Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass, Chèque Déjeuner

We apologize, but dogs are not allowed in.

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