today: saturday april 21st Daily menu tomorrow: sunday april 22nd
Tomato soup with gnocchi and mascarpone58 CZK
Smoked salmon trout from Vacov farm, sour cream, dill158 CZK
Ravioli with duck ragout188 CZK
Spinach soup with poached egg and potato crumble75 CZK
Burrata with roasted tomatoes, olives and bread crumbs198 CZK
Spaghetti with tuna, garlic, tomato sauce and black olives198 CZK
tomorrow: sunday april 22nd Daily menu today: saturday april 21st
Tomato soup with gnocchi and mascarpone58 CZK
Smoked salmon trout from Vacov farm, sour cream, dill158 CZK
Ravioli with duck ragout188 CZK
Cauliflower soup with garlic croutons68 CZK
Burrata with roasted tomatoes, olives and bread crumbs198 CZK
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David Marek

General manager

He is happy when there is something happening and the restaurant is bursting at the seams. This is something he knows from Brasileiro, where he worked for ten years. He does not sit for a moment; boredom is worse than stress for him. The thing he likes about Eska is that is varied and always changing. His favorite things on the menu are “smaženka“ and gin and tonic. His ideal ratio is two parts gin and tonic : one part “smaženka”.

Martin Štangl


He has worked at Eska since the very beginning and he has been able to draw on his experience gained as a sous-chef at La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise. He loves cooking with wild herbs, unusual ingredients and according to the forgotten recipes of our grandmothers. He is so attracted by nature that he sold his flat in Prague and bought a farmstead in Sázava which he is reconstructing as a guesthouse.

Tomáš Valkovič


Tomáš has been at Eska since its opening and it was not long before he became a Deputy Chef. He likes the fact that he has a free hand and that he can have fun in the kitchen. He previously lived in Bratislava and in Banská Bystřice, where he and his friends managed to transform an old pancake restaurant into a renowned bistro. He spends his free time with his children and cooking – he prefers Czechoslovak cuisine.

Jaroslav Kozdělka


His career has taken him to Berlin, Beirut and Ireland and he has twice managed to work his way up to the position of deputy chef. He is best suited to Czech and Italian cuisine and his potatoes cooked in ashes are a clear favorite at Eska. The thing he likes about his job is that he is never bored (also thanks to his great colleagues) and that he can work with local ingredients. And what is his recipe for satisfaction? Do your work with love.

Jan Malý


When Jan went to the mountains of Austria aged 19, he had no idea that he would find a job and stay there. After gaining experience from hotel restaurants, he received a position in a Michelin establishment in Germany. However, he decided to return to Prague at the time when he met his wife. He likes cooking in the Nordic style, even though he most likes the taste of Asia. And when he is not cooking, he likes to go for a walk with his dog.

Rudolf Herman

Shift Manager

He has always been interested in food and wine – which is not surprising when you learn that he is from South Moravia. He acquired his experience in restaurants there, but his heart drew him to Prague. He fitted in at Eska right away. He has tried various positions and, as he says, he looks forward to coming to work every day. His greatest joy is a full reservation book and constant chatter. He loves strategy games, wine and sport – in winter, he graces the slopes as a snowboarding instructor.

Jana Krofiková

Shift Manager

Jana the economist has always known that she likes to be among people. This is why she hung up her accounting hat and went to work in gastronomy. She likes to be in a good mood and she makes no secret of where she gets it from: apparently all she needs to do is to go out into the restaurant and she will always find a guest who will raise her spirits. She loves all types of duck, as well as the soups at Eska (but after the duck, of course). She likes to travel – she has seen half the world.

Marek Holba

Personnel Manager

14 years spent in England and Australia, where he mainly worked in restaurants, have taught him much. He now likes almost every type of food and he is always amazed when somebody is able to create a perfect course, for example, out of celery – apparently it isn’t such a challenge to do it from steak. He likes the environment, the team and the guests at Eska and he is always happy to present our concept to our patrons. In his free time, he goes on trips and cooks. What is his favorite ingredient? Carrot!

Denisa Randusová

Shift Manager

Denisa has been working in the field of gastronomy for more than ten years already. She joined the Eska team as a waitress right after the restaurant opening. Two years later, she was appointed a shift manager. Cooperation between the individual teams in the restaurant is what she appreciates the most. Baristas, chefs, waiting staff, bakers - they all pull together. She is happy to meet her favourite regulars and already knows what some of them like. She likes to eat Asian food and spicy meals.

Adéla Hacklová

Shift Manager

Work in the field of gastronomy has a tradition in her family, so Adéla was attracted to the work in a restaurant since she was little. She studied anthropology, but always enjoyed working as a waitress more. She has experience working as waiting staff in England and France. After she returned, she worked at Café Savoy from where she moved to Eska as a head waitress. After some time, she became a manager who is responsible for the restaurant operation from a technical standpoint. She likes to go out and seek inspiration in other restaurants and enjoys eating meat and burgers the best.

Martin Podracký

Head Barista

Martin has been at Eska since it opened. As the head barista, he makes sure that our café also produces the least possible waste. He most likes preparing and drinking a batch brew, i.e. filtered percolated coffee. The thing he likes about Eska is the freedom – the management does not ask why, but how. It is his dream to go to a coffee plantation and to experience the entire process of processing coffee beans.

Ilona Tunková


A trained confectioner who has also dabbled in teaching – she led a class at a training institute for three years. She says that cake making cannot be rushed and that the world of science is concealed behind it. Her favorite cake is a shortcake éclair with jam, but she also likes Szegedin goulash as well as sweet things. She likes to relax by doing sport or wandering through meadows.

Aleš Karpíšek

Head Baker

It is thanks to him that the bread at Eska is so good. He used to bake at night at Pizza Nuova and he has now brought a wood oven to Prague thanks to his contacts in Naples, He has also managed to find the very best flour, cultivate three-phase yeast and put together a great team of bakers, while also running our bakery. The well-coordinated young team is the thing that he most appreciates at Eska. When he has time off, he spends it with his family or fishing.

Michal Melcher


He has worked at Eska since the beginning and he likes the fact that the restaurant has returned to baking as it used to be done. The important thing is not to rush the result, because the yeast is a living organism which must be given patience and care. He likes experimenting with bread – for example, according to how the patrons like it. Michal is happiest with his friends or when he is cycling.

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